Friday, March 20, 2015

The Hunters

Once again this week those whom the world calls terrorists have been at it again.  Last year they only left over 300,000 people dead and far more maimed.  Why?

We all believe that YHVH is sovereign over all the affairs of man, so what is the Almighty saying at this season of the fulfillment of His prophetic timetable?  

We, along with others, have been warning for years that YHVH is raising up the hunters (Jeremiah 16:16).  We have to keep blowing that shofar of warning to His faith people (Israel) as well as those who are “of the Law” (Judah) (see Romans 4:16).  The Words that stand out in the “blowing” are the following:  "Remember the Torah of Moses, My servant, which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.  Behold, I will send you (all Israel) Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of YHVH.  And he will turn the hearts of the fathers/forefathers to the children, and the hearts of the children [of Israel] to their fathers/forefathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse" (Malachi 4:4-6).   As I have pointed out in previous letters the word used here for “curse” is also used in Habakkuk where it is translated as “a hunter’s net”.   Please note the red above: the 3 verses form one unit; the all Israel is connected to the “children” and to the “forefathers” of Israel.  

The re-identification and reconstitution of the whole house of Israel back to becoming a nation again ranks high in the priority list of the Almighty One of Israel.  We know from previous restorations that the enemies (both natural and spiritual) will do everything to oppose this prophetic fact.  Religious spirits of Babylon will be at the forefront along with the Prince of Greece, just as they did in the days of Daniel.  Some have observed that the enemy will be using our past to keep us from moving forward. For this reason and other ones our backs must be protected. The following is a dream that was sent to us by Constance Fischer pertaining to the protection of the rear, but as she states “it is also multi-faceted”.
Shabbat Shalom,
Constance Fischer’s prophetic dream – again, multi-faceted. 
 He had me in this dream – actively part of the dream. This took place in the desert of the Middle East.  Looked like possibly American and/or Israeli military forces, but definitely also represented His own.  
The look was of American, GI Joe forces with that same camo paint on the humvees, or military vehicles we were in.  There was a small convoy of these vehicles in the desert and they had come to a stop.
 I was in a leadership position but not in front, but adjacent to the small convoy.  It was clearly a picture of ‘coming beside’.
 I was standing outside of my vehicle as it seemed we had stopped for some purpose, not revealed to me in the dream – could have been to get our bearings.
 He had me looking back behind us...  it did not appear like that was something I had particular wisdom to do, but He had drawn me to simply look at the rear.  But He also gave me ‘eyes to see’. Right then He showed me something that caused a literal shudder to run over me when the dream ended...
Suddenly He showed me invisible entities – their big boot prints were the only things making any visible manifestation as they pounded unheard onto the desert floor kicking up dust... There were a number running up behind us – very swiftly with deadly, targeted intent – again, kicking up dust as their boots pounded the ground of the desert as He allowed me to clearly see the imprints and depression of their feet/boots... They were moving very FAST and were quickly and precisely descending upon their prey from the ‘rear’. They were invisible, unseen with the natural eye, with the exception of theirdeep boot prints and the dust they were kicking up.  They were large...

Let me interject here that one facet of this is to not let our past stop our move forward... by the invisible entities of the enemy coming to stop His own.  The enemy wants to ‘kick up the dust’ of the part of us that is but dust.  The hour is late. Selah 
Hos 2:14  “Therefore, see, I am alluring her, and shall lead her into the wilderness, and shall speak to her heart,
Hos 2:15  and give to her vineyards from there, and the Valley of Akor(‘disaster’) as a door of expectation...” 
This points to the sin of Akan (‘trouble’ – how He has spoken to us so often now “Let not your heart be troubled”)... the trouble that comes from trying to hold onto the ‘covering/garment’ of ‘Babylon’... ‘how long will you hop between two opinions?’... He knows... time to ‘come out of her My people’... time to go forward.  
Then before us will be the open door of HATIKVAH... ‘attached to Him in expectation, hope’ of all the good He will do.

Back to the prophetic dream.  Know this is also a clear warning about praying for those in military positions in the Middle East.  We are aware that the enemy is surrounding the position where US Military are currently stationed to train Iraqi troops. The entities attacking were invisible by the natural eye but by His Spirit He showed that they were darkly clad (I think we know what this represents regarding the evil one and those who are killing wantonly in the desert... that blood is crying out to Him) and they were carrying dark weapons – automatic, deadly guns.  (We also know that US military arms and munitions ‘left behind’ have now been confiscated and are being used by these darkly clad ones). They were well trained and again, running swiftly, descending on their prey... targeted and precise.

If not for Him causing me to look back at the rear they would have arrived at their goal unseen and unperceived unless He had given sight.  He must be our REAR GUARD, but that also means praying and allowing Him to show what is coming. Because He had me looking back, behind to the rear, I saw them and then I yelled with a loud voice and in His authority:

‘GET IN THE CAR!’  And I did, with the intent to get out of there!  To keep going!  Most were in the vehicles but the one who He had sent to come beside and was out of the vehicle as ‘watchman’ also needed to move now.  Selah

End of dream – and then full awakening and that shudder and I knew that this was very real

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