Friday, March 13, 2015

Congress Alert V - Town Hall Meeting Report

A few weeks ago a suggestion was put forth for what is termed “Town Hall Meetings” to take place in the Israelite/Ephraimite communities around the world.  The idea was to begin to discuss some of the proposals that were laid out for the Etz Bney Yosef National Congress.  We are very happy to inform you that some have taken this step and had their first meetings.  One such Israelite community in the host nation of the USA sent the following report: 

“Sunday evening we held the first Town Hall in our area. We had in attendance 9 adults. We spent approximately 90 min talking about the process of forming a Nation and the outline you provided.

 First, the item with the greatest consensus was the need for a “NAME” to call ourselves and to rally around. Most felt because the Jews have laid a foundation of Zionism from the early 1900’s, that we should build upon that. The Zionist’s Congresses that were held in Europe helped to establish an international political movement and national identity for the Jews along with a cry for a Jewish state. The historical evidences of a people group that were taken out of the land and dispersed into Assyria and beyond are identified in archeological and historical accounts as being called Israel, or the House of Israel. We are lacking historical weight behind the names, Ephraim, B’ney Yosef and others that are used in many of the Fellowships around the world. We are Israelites, plain and simple. History talks of us as Israel, the Bible talks of us as Israel and the House of Israel. We believe the Nations will receive us easier as the House of Israel and us as a people known as Israelites. With this identity the call can then go forth for those that want to stand with the House of Israel, as Israel, and build a National vision. Once this is decided and established, national cohesion will follow and the global network will grow out from the central hub in Israel. There was strong input on this at our meeting. 

 Secondly, we talked about a Charter for soon-to-be established chapters around the world where the scattered can connect without being proselytized into fellowships, i.e.  Chapters with a focus on Zionism, and what all that entails. This would help support these local groups that have a heart and a focus on moving toward the future Nation. Additionally, work groups could form within these local chapters for “exploring topics and assembling pertinent data and contacts."

 Thirdly, we the scattered would like to have a resource that lists those in the Land that are working toward the establishment of this our Nation…
Ron Runyon

This report, resulting from a move away from Hebraic roots ‘denominationalism’ and into true Zionism, was very encouraging.  There are two roads that Zionism can take, the one that is in our hearts and the other that is in this world and in the flesh.   If our hearts are not right before our Heavenly Father, pride and self-righteousness will take over and we all know the potential outcome of that.  But if we are truly on the paths of Zion that are in our hearts, we can set our sails into the prevailing breeze of the Spirit and ride over the waves of these ‘lower waters’ to YHVH’s ultimate destiny.  We are His ship, His people, His called out ones from those who were once called “not my people” and who are now called “sons of the living Elohim” (See Hosea 1:10-11; Romans 9: 27-28; 1 Peter 2:10).  Yes, there will be babes and children coming along with the “sons” (see 1 John chapter 2), as well as the “lame and the blind” (see Jeremiah 31:8),   but as long as Yeshua is the captain of the ship we will arrive to the (greater) land promised to our forefathers, our inheritance.  

Remember the Divine mandate of Deuteronomy 30.  It is worth reading once a day from now until Pesach.  


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