Thursday, February 16, 2023


 I must confess that after fifty years of being a believer, I’m tired of hearing or reading the supposed Gog and Magog scenarios, which recently have been on the increase. It seems that the evangelical world is stuck, or obsessed with one prophetic chapter of the Bible, and that is Ezekiel 38.  Every time there is some kind of skirmish or rumors of war here in the Middle East, it obviously means that the Jews are going to experience the inevitable fulfillment of the Christians’ dispensational ideas and imagination.   However, the scripture is quite clear in regard to the timing of these events. There is an unmistakable hint, and thus one does not have to dig very far in order to discover the set timing. It actually appears in the very same chapter, in verse 8, that says the following: “After many days you shall be mustered [Gog and all the nations with them]; in the latter years you shall go against a land restored from war, a land where people were gathered from many nations on the mountains of Israel, which had long lain waste; its people were brought out from the nations and now are living in safety, all of them” (Ezekiel 38:8 emphases added).  

Let’s introduce some reality into the above scripture.  Rimona was born in 1950, two years after the Jewish State was founded. I asked her if she had ever experienced or known a time when the nation was restored from war and living safely.  Her response was, “war broke out upon the declaration of its founding and has continued ever since.” I came to Israel in 1978, and I can confirm that the land is still receiving the blood of its slain. I don’t have to be a prophet in order to predict the near future; there are many scriptures that still have to be fulfilled before we will find ourselves living securely in all the areas promised to our forefathers.  Islam cannot and will not allow Israel to exist as a sovereign state, even though it may use so-called peace accords for a temporary ceasefire (called “hudna” in Arabic. You may look up this Islamic concept in Wikipedia). 

What about the mountains of Israel?   The above-quoted verse states that many will come back from the nations and settle on those mountains.  There is a tendency to assume that we know where these ancient mountains are, but we need to realize that those mountains go up into Lebanon, Bashan, and Gilead, which are to be settled by the returning House of Joseph (see Zechariah 10:6-12).  Once Yeshua the Kinsman Redeemer of Jacob/Israel rejoins the two parts of the nation in all of the Promised Land, the peace and safety that Ezekiel 38:8 announces will be established.  Additionally, Ezekiel 37:25-28 and 34:25-29 also confirm YHVH’s finishing touches on the restoration of the whole house of Israel, by the covenant of peace which He will make with them (that is, Israel and Judah). 


  1. Thank you, Ephraim, for this cautionary note. Well said and timely. You've expressed a "maximalist" view of the prophecy in question, which makes a lot of sense. However, a "minimalist" view might observe that present Israel isn't in a declared war right now and their military capability seems to be a good guarantee of peace--at least for the time being. And it's true that there are some Israelites dwelling on some mountains... (I like your view better, but perhaps the other view explains why people get so excited about this...)

  2. Thank you Timothy for commenting on the letter. It is true, we all can't wait for Yeshua's return. But in the meantime we have His and the Father's life present with us and in us, to teach and guide us along the pathways of His purposes and plans toward the restoration of all things.

  3. February, 2023
    Shevat - Adar, 5783

    So according to the Jewish calendar, we have (technically speaking --- not withstanding Daniel's extra 45 days or so!~)) --- 1335 minus 1290 re: Daniel 12


    My point being that we very well could have all that time left to go before Ezekiel 38 actually happens and it could well be happening in the Millennium and much can happen between now and then, to use the oft spoken phrase, "If the Lord tarries..."

    And as you pointed out, from Zech. 10 "we need to realize that those mountains go up into Lebanon, Bashan, and Gilead, which are to be settled by the returning House of Joseph (see Zechariah 10:6-12).

    Where we read, in part, 9 "And I will sow them AMONG THE PEOPLE: and they shall remember me in far countries; and they shall live with their children, and TURN AGAIN again."

    (emphases mine)

    "turn again" there in the hebrew "vah-yahsh-voo" can mean, in part, repentance as in being "born again" but also in making aliyah as a Jew (and why not as an Ephraimite too?)

    I can attest as an Ephraimite (YHVH used Yair Davidi to reveal my Ephraimite identity back in 1998) that the idea expressed in "they shall remember me in far countries; and they shall live with their children" describes not just my situation here in Texas "paradise" living with my children and 14 grandchildren but begs the question:
    "when will we be 'sown among the people' (i.e. the Jewish People of modern day Israel) and when will we be allowed by them, if effect, to "make aliyah" as Ephraimites?

    The easy answer of course is when Christ returns ...

    1. Here I am, replying to myself AGAIN! Which being translated means I just put my poor mathematical "skills" on display. i.e 6000 - 5783 is NOT 117 years but TWO HUNDRED AND SEVETEEN YEARS (potentially, and to my point) until the Millennium when the "knowledge of YHVH covers the earth as the waters cover the sea". It is a potentiality. As is also a potential rapture as all of the prognosticators that make brother Ephraim "tired of hearing or reading about" basically believe as well as in an immanent "har mageddo" ...

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  5. Ephraim, I hear it over here in our neck of the woods. During oneg I heard a brother sharing that he believed the Gog and Magog war was imminent. I pointed out to him in the Scripture that Israel has be dwelling securely. I explained that this is known historically. He just did not want to listen. Apparently, for him Christian theology takes precedence over Scripture. It's a religious cow that needs to be slaughtered!