Friday, June 18, 2021

Stop Beating Around the Bush


We are all familiar with the phrase, “beating around the bush”.  The origin of this idiom is associated with hunting. In medieval times, hunters hired men to beat the area around bushes with sticks in order to flush out game taking cover underneath.  In the contemporary vernacular it more or less means, to delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant.  “Just stop beating around the bush and tell me what the problem is!” would be one example of the usage of this phrase. “What are you really trying to say?” is then the thrust of this expression.   

When it comes to the Israelite identity I do not want to find myself beating around the bush.  I can no longer hold back declaring the importance of the restoration of the lost (but gradually emerging) tribes of Israel.  Our identity as the seed of the forefathers is so important to YHVH that, should this not take place He promised to inflict a curse on the earth. Because of the failure of the faith people to repent, return to Torah and embrace their true Abrahamic roots (ref. Malachi 4:4-6), the problems that are currently being experienced on earth could very well be connected to the impending curse!

The father of “the faith” was promised the heritage of the nations (ref. Psalm 111:6; Romans 4:13). How was the Almighty going to bring this about other than by sowing the Abrahamic seed into the field of this world? One seed into one field (as YHVH doesn’t violate His own Torah where it says that no two kinds of seed are to be sown in same field. See Leviticus 19:19). The mystery of “the faith” is in that seed, although hidden until a time ordained by Elohim to be revealed.

Thus, if we analyze carefully verse 23 of Galatians 3, we will be surprised at what we may find regarding the above point: “But before faith came” [erchomai - can also mean appear, arise or come forth] we were kept in custody [phroureo - meaning guarded] by the Torah, being shut up [sygklelo - meaning shut up together with] to the faith which was later to be revealed [apokalyptō - meaning to uncover, to lay open that which has been covered]. In other words, the above scripture tells us that, before the faith “appeared” or was “revealed”, we were guarded by the Torah, being enclosed with it until the time in which the faith was, again, to “break forth” (from the seed).

In the following verse (24) we find out that YHVH has given the Torah to Israel as a schoolmaster, so that its instructions will ultimately lead them to the promised Kinsman Redeemer and Messiah. Indeed, multitudes of Israelites throughout the generations have been and are following Yeshua (albeit mostly not realizing their own identity).

Could it be that YHVH anointed, called and chose the forefathers’ seed to administer His Kingdom of righteousness here on earth as it is in heaven?  Perhaps this is why He uses the title “Israel” and calls them a kingdom of priests.  Why would Elohim send His “seed” – Yeshua – into this particular family? Is it not so that they would fulfill their covenant mandate and become the “sons of Elohim” whom the whole creation is waiting for? Doesn’t it seem strange that someone who claims to be “in Messiah” through “faith”, with scripture clearly pointing out that Abraham is the natural father of this very faith (ref. Romans 4:16; Galatians 3:7), would turn around and declare that they are not of his seed? Would this not constitute believing a lie? 

There are many ways of denying Yeshua, Who is the “Spirit of the Word” and the anointed presence in the covenants of promise. We know what Yeshua said about that: “If you deny me before men, I will deny you before My Father” (Matthew 10:33).  Moreover, Yeshua is the Salt of the covenants of Elohim, and that is why His redeemed remnant of Israel is also called to be that same salt of the earth, thus preserving and bearing witness to the reality of His righteousness and faithfulness to Israel His inheritance.  


  1. Before reading this post I was reading in Luke 1 where verse 32 jumped out to me. Something I had not seen before. "He (Yeshua) will be great, He will be called Son of HaElyon, Adonai God, will give Him the throne of His forefather David, and he will rule the House of Ya'akov forever - there will be no end to His Kingdom." (CJB) I had not seen the "House of Ya'akov" before. Is this not along the same thought pattern you are expressing above? (I'm never quite sure why sometimes Ya'akov is used and other times Israel. Perhaps you can expound on that sometime?)

  2. I’m not sure why Adonai יהוה Elohim uses both names, Ya’akov and Israel interchangeably, but I know that the word heel is derived from the name Jacob because of his holding his twin brother’s heel so as not to be crushed, while he wrestled with Elohim when he accepted a new name and identity as “upright or straight” with El.
    I’ve heard it said that whenever YHVH uses the name Jacob, it may be in more of a physical sense and He may use Israel when referring to more spiritual issues.
    I’ve heard others say Jacob refers to Judah and Israel to the House of Israel.
    I also am wondering about the Luke 1 chapter that because Yeshua came to dwell with us as the suffering servant (Mashiach ben Yosef), and will come again as our King (Mashiach ben David) if there, too, is that type of relationship between the names Jacob and Israel.
    I, too, would be interested in Ephraim and Rimona’s insight.