Friday, April 30, 2021

Restoration According to Cyber


The other day I referred to Google for a biblical definition of “restoration”. Although no actual Biblical examples were cited, I was surprised by some of the ones used, which seemed to highlight principles that are indeed found in the Word. So, here is, according to Google’s ‘theological expertise’, the definition of the term "restoration": To receive back more than has been lost to the point where the final state is greater than the original condition. The main point is that someone or something is improved beyond measure. More on restoration according to the search engine: Restoration is the act of repairing or renewing something. An example of restoration is fixing an old house to its original state. An example of restoration is giving someone their job back. An example of a restoration is rebuilding a set of bones to represent a dinosaur.

Normally when one restores something it is never brought back to a better condition than its original state.  However, in biblical understanding, when YHVH restores or renews, the result is far superior to the original.  Many examples may be cited of this principle, as they appear throughout the scriptures.  But what I thought fascinating was the non-biblical examples mentioned above.  

“Fixing an old house”:  What comes to mind from a biblical point of view?  Is it the house of Jacob, house of Israel, house of David, house of Judah as examples?  But beyond merely reconstituting them, is the fact that YHVH’s restoration of these ‘houses’ is to be to an even a greater state than they were at first.  

What about “giving someone their job back”?  Here again we see that the calling that was given to our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Israel was to be servants of the Most High, servants of righteousness.  Instead, their descendants became sons of disobedience and served “sin”. However, our heavenly Father sent Yeshua to redeem and restore our mandate to serve Him. Some of you may remember the song “From a Jack to a King”…  Jack (Jacob’s nickname) was called to be a servant priest, but now YHVH is raising him up to royal priesthood.   

The third example mentioned was, “rebuilding a set of bones”. I am sure that this brings to mind the valley of dry bones of Ezekiel 37.  In this description the bones (we) are not only a random, disorganized, discarded, disassembled and dysfunctional bunch of individuals, but after the restoration they become a mighty army, trained in righteousness and walking in unity - a oneness the likes of which has never been seen on earth.  As one continues in Ezekiel 37, there is a one and holy nation seen in YHVH’s hand. We could also add to that the restoration of the promised land spoken of in Ezekiel 36.  All in all, this future restoration, in the light of YHVH’s promises and covenants is what Yeshua actually came to do and to accomplish, before He returns to sit on the throne of His Father David over the fully restored, royal priesthood and holy Israelite nation.    


  1. Amen and Amen! YHVH always does far above (better) than we could ever ask or think! Let us have hope!

  2. Thank you for your willingness to go where not many have gone before - restoring these promises before our King Yeshua's return! It really puts this covenantal restoration in perspective. Blessings, Tz & R

  3. "Restoring to better than original condition", Wow! what a great promise. Thank you Ephraim.

  4. We are looking forward to that time of the “restoration of all things! “ So looking forward to that day as He is restoring me now to be a part of that great Restoration!