Friday, March 5, 2021

Israel's Rise - Babylon's Demise


In order for YHVH to reveal Himself to humanity/the nations, He must of necessity be faithful to His covenants and promises to Israel and Judah. He states over and over in Scripture that, He is the Elohim of the forefathers whose progeny makes up the nation of Israel in its entirety.  Thus, the restoration and re-union of the two houses of Israel, in the last days, as we have noted in last week’s article “A Debt Repaid”, is one of Yah’s final acts in the great drama of His grand finale. This scene must be acted out before Yeshua’s return to rule and reign over the House of Jacob (see Luke 1:32-33; Acts 3:19-21).

The amazing connection of Israel’s restoration to the end time fall of the “daughter of Babylon” and her world dominion, as seen in Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51 (and Revelation 18), will be the last phase of the restoration of the Divine order in the family of Noah.  Ham and Japheth must come to live and serve in the tent of YHVH’s firstborn Shem (ref. Genesis 9: 26-27), who (when alive) was the “Melchizedec” in Noah’s family, having had a two-fold duty in his service to YHVH.   As we know, Yah’s kingdom order was challenged in the third generation by a Hamite, Nimrod, who set up another kingdom in Babel in the land of Shinar (ref. Genesis 10:9-10).  Thus, began the conflict between the two kingdoms up to this very generation.  A single ruler remained in position until YHVH expanded the “Melchizedec” rule from an individual to a (Shemite) nation - Jacob/Israel.

If we follow the history of YHVH’s chosen “Melchizedec” nation, we see a very interesting pattern.  All the nations that are associated with the Babylonian kingdom will always attempt to subject, even to enslave, Yah’s chosen nation and people.  The first example of that was the Hamite nation of Egypt. Thus for YHVH to preserve and continue His divine order, He had no other choice but to sovereignly intervene and bring Israel out from under that Babylonian-like government and authority.  At the same time, notice what happened to that kingdom and nation when YHVH delivered Israel.  This was to be the pattern from now on through all generations.  There are many good examples of this in the book of Judges, when from time to time Elohim allowed another nation to defeat Israel and rule over them as a result of Israel’s idolatry and adultery.  However, because of His divine order, YHVH could not permit or tolerate such a subjugation to continue, and that brings us to Jeremiah 50 and 51, when through the new covenant’s restoration and union of Israel and Judah YHVH will again, as He did in Egypt, bring Israel and Judah out of the present Babylonian world order.  But in the process, through the authority of His kingdom established in the hearts of His remnant, will do the following, as recorded in Jeremiah 51:19-23:   “The Portion of Jacob is not like them [Babylonians].  For He [YHVH] is the Maker of all things; and Israel is the tribe of His inheritance. YHVH of hosts is His name.  2" You [Israel] are My battle-ax and weapons of war: For with you I will break the nation in pieces; With you I will destroy kingdoms; With you I will break in pieces the horse and its rider; With you I will break in pieces the chariot and its rider;  With you also I will break in pieces man and woman; With you I will break in pieces old and young; With you I will break in pieces the young man and the maiden;  With you also I will break in pieces the shepherd and his flock; With you I will break in pieces the farmer and his yoke of oxen; And with you I will break in pieces governors and rulers”.  Notice it does not say “because of you” but, “with you”.  

We see hints of this end time army in the restoration of the dry bones of Ezekiel 37: “So I prophesied as He commanded me, and breath came into them, and they lived, and stood upon their feet, an exceedingly great army” (ver 10).  In Jeremiah 51:19 YHVH is referred to as “the LORD of the Armies”. In Zechariah 9:13 YHVH states that He “made you [Israel and Judah] like the sword of a mighty man” (one sword).

YHVH will not leave Israel as the tail resulting from the curse of lawlessness (Deuteronomy 28:44), but will raise up a remnant of both houses of Israel into the head, as under the provisions of the Renewed Covenant He will enable us to, “listen to the commandments of YHVH our Elohim… to carefully observe them” (Deuteronomy 28:13), and “to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Messiah” (Ephesians 4:15).  We need to pray that all who have had their identity restored to them, will not grow weary and slide back to another national identity.  Also, that we do not become complacent regarding the future return to all the lands promised to our forefathers. We are YHVH’s witnesses at this time in the nations as to who He is.   Be encouraged and press on to the goals that YHVH has set before us!


  1. As I read through your post I was thinking of Joel Richardson’s book - Sinai to Zion
    To see the unfolding of the major and minor prophets writings in the Tanakh of the future coming of the Messiah and Israel’s part in it!

  2. Powerful word💥
    Awake Zion Awake n trim your lamps! 🙏🏼