Friday, May 22, 2020

Through the Strainer 2

Four times today the Spirit brought to our attention the calling that is upon the remnant, redeemed in this generation of the seed of the forefathers.  This calling takes us back to the womb of Rebekah, when YHVH chose Jacob to be His nation/goy, eventually to become a kingdom of priests unto Himself.  Yeshua gave up His life so that we could ‘return to the womb’ of our foremothers.  These mothers gave birth in pain, none more so than Rachel, who died in the process.  She, above all the other mothers, was left weeping for her children as YHVH had hidden them from her, at least until He inaugurated the New Covenant through the blood of Yeshua.

In Zechariah chapter 10, we get a glimpse into the restoration of both Judah and Joseph/Ephraim.  The house of Judah’s return to nationhood came in 1948 when ‘she’ was “born in a day”, through a vote in the United Nations.  At the same time, another phenomenon began taking place in the valley of dry bones; the house of Joseph started to feel the breath of YAH coming into them and the sound of rattling and babbling resonated in many Christian denominations. 
Thus, Ezekiel chapter 37 began to throb in the hearts of many who were believing that Yeshua/Jesus, was the Messiah of Israel, who came as a kinsman redeemer to bring Jacob back to the Father.  The breath of Yah brought new life into their Abrahamic bone marrow, being awakened to their identity as the second stick/nation of Joseph/Ephraim.  But as time moved on and the call to holiness through obedience fell on deaf ears, many just chose to continue to walk in the pleasures and riches of this world.  Unfortunately, along with that, the vision of being the second nation/stick started declining; complacency and acquiescing to the spiritual, or non-spiritual, life among the nations set in.  Because the imminent return to the land is not a viable option at present, Ephraim’s reconstitution of his nationhood and zeal for Zion gave way to re-evaluating the possibilities of returning to the Promised Land, accompanied by a sense of weariness and hopelessness.

Even more tragic, if this kind of apathy continues, the children who are born into ‘Hebrew roots’ families will not know that they too have a very important role to play in their generation of Israel’s progeny. In addition, the wide-spread spiritualization of the seed of Jacob has taken hold even in Israelite families.  The parents are playing right into the hands of those who are advocating replacement theology.  This state of affairs, or the possibility of such demise, if contrasted with the lofty calling of a “segula” nation, which is supposed to function as the firstborn royal priesthood makes for a very dire conclusion. It makes for an affront to the faithfulness of the covenant keeping Elohim of our natural forefathers and mothers, especially in this very day in which we are living, as rapid changes are being introduced into this world. Therefore watch and pray, stay alert to the enemy’s subtle tactics to draw us away from the vision that is set before us. Yeshua’s work is to reconstitute our former foreign/gentile identity, back into our national identity as a royal priesthood and holy nation - “Israel” - through the indwelling kingdom by His Spirit.    

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