Friday, October 23, 2015

In My Opinion

Shalom Fellow Israelite,

I’m sure most of you have been keeping up with the news from Israel and the ongoing terrorist attacks occurring on a daily basis.  Some are calling this a ‘third intifada’.  But whether it is or not, it is much different than the previous ones.  There are a number of factors that are present today that did not exist just a few years ago.  Even though the overall objectives of Islam toward Israel and the western world have not changed, what has are conditions and world situation - dramatically so.  If you have not seen the DVD “Farewell Israel”, then I would highly recommend getting a copy.  One cannot even begin to understand what is going on without studying the history of Islam and its world view. 

Even though Israel has a powerful army, it has lost its just cause in the war waged in the diplomatic arena, and has been defeated by the “Islamic Justice".  The successful strategy of convincing the world that Israel doesn’t deserve to exist is backed up chiefly by a spirit of accusation.  The leaders of the Palestinians are calling this barrage of violence, the “settlers’ Intifada”. They would have the non-informed and naïve believe that they mean the Israeli residents of the settlements in Judea and Samaria (whose presence they say is obviously the ‘root of all evil’), but in reality that is not the case at all – by ‘settlements’ they mean the entire area of Israel, as was so clearly declared a few days ago by Arab students of Tel Aviv University.

 The situation in Syria with Russia and its allies, among whom are Cuba, Iran, and Hezbollah, coming in to help Assad has given the Palestinians new hope in their fight against Israel.  Russia is no longer troubled by the United States’ presence, as the U.S. have backed out of their support for Israel.  Sometime ago Obama announced that he ‘would do something about Israel’ before he leaves office.  And since Israel did not go along with the timetable that he set up for the formation of a Palestinian State, nor did Israel support the agreement that Kerry negotiated with Iran (to put it mildly), the payback has been the withdrawal of American support. 

Thus the momentum and tactics have changed to the point that there will be no one to support or stand by Israel.  How was this made possible? Simply by psychological warfare.  The focus has shifted from the number of deaths or wounded incurred by Israelis due to Palestinian terror, to how Israel is dealing with an individual Palestinian child, woman, or youth who was ‘shot dead’ for ‘allegedly’ carrying a knife, by an Israeli civilian, police, or soldier.   The international news media is almost in a frenzy to see an end to the ‘occupation’. They will therefore show endearing photos of a 13 year old Palestinian boy or girl, or any other young person’s face who was ‘shot dead’, thereby mindlessly demonizing Israel.  Three international TV news stations, for example, posted pictures of these youths with subtitles of “shot dead by Israel”.  This was followed by a repost about 120 who were killed in Nigeria by a bomb planted by jihadists. What do you think would have a greater impact on the viewers?  While among the victims there could have been 50 children, 50 mothers and many elderly, the impression left in most people’s minds is that of the innocent child, gunned down or shot dead by a Jew or an Israeli.  The imprint of a suicide bomber is nothing compared to a “child shot dead” or, as some put it, “executed”.  Isis’ decapitations of hundreds of men, women and children, Muslim and Christian, does not stimulate the passing of resolutions at the United Nations, and only very faint outcries, especially so in the Muslim world.  The big demonstration are always against Israel.   

The United Nations is poised to vote for a Palestinian State, the only thing holding it back is the political situation in the United States.  Canada just went down and now we wait to see what will happen in America.  If it looks like the right-center wing of the Republican Party will be able to pull off a victory over Obama and his successor, Obama will pull all the strings necessary in the United Nations to declare Gaza, Judea and Samaria an official state and give Israel an ultimatum to withdraw within a certain date.  This will be backed up by the present coalition in Syria.   We have to remember that even as far back as 1967 and 1973, the main interest that the United States had in helping Israel was their arms’ race against Russia (then Soviet Union) over strongholds in the Middle East.  That is no longer the case.   (Ezekiel 36)

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